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  • I. Basic Policies
    There are cases in which Advanced Technology, Inc. (hereinafter known as ATI) collects information from visitors to this website (hereinafter known as the Site) in order to ensure the smooth operation of the services (providing information from the Site, collecting user comments and responding to inquiries, etc.) provided by the Site. ATI is fully aware of the importance of personal information, and in addition to strictly observing the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and all other related laws and regulations, we also handle all collected information appropriately within the scope of the objectives of use.
  • II. Scope of Collecting Information
    1. Users are requested to fill out their e-mail address and name, etc., when using the Inquiry Form.
  • III. Objectives of Use
    The e-mail address, name, furigana, company/organization/school name and telephone number collected in accordance with the stipulations laid down in II-1 will be used for responding to inquiries and for confirming contact.
  • IV. Use and Provision Limitations
    Unless warranted by illegal access, threatening behavior, other illegal behavior, or any other such reason, ATI will not use collected information for any purpose other than those stipulated in III, nor shall it provide said information to third parties.
  • V. Measures for Securing Safety
    ATI will establish all necessary measures for the appropriate management of collected information to prevent it from being lost, leaked, impaired, modified or otherwise damaged.
  • VI. Scope of Application
    The details stipulated within the Privacy Policy apply only to the Site.