List of Manufacturers

Solutions Together with the World’s Influential ManufacturersSolutions Together with the World’s Influential Manufacturers

ATI has established partnerships with high-grade scientific and technical part manufacturers spread throughout the world with the use of our own network. So far, we have achieved enviable trading results with manufacturers in various nations of North America, Europe and Asia. This has enabled us to build up a system capable of responding to customer inquiries regarding high-accuracy measuring instruments and communications equipment, etc., at all times.

List of Manufacturers

Japanese Manufacturers Alphabetical Order

COAX Co., Ltd.
Cryogenic temperature Semi-rigid cables, wire lines

Advanced Switch Technology

Kanto Electronic Application and Development Inc.
Material assessment equipment, dielectric constant measurement instruments, magnetic permeability measurement instruments, cavity resonators, harmonic resonators, free-space type units, lens antennas, entrusted measurement systems, crystal oscillator measurement instruments

Kyosemi Corporation
Optical communications photodiodes, optical sensing photodiodes, detectors, LEDs

RAD Co., Ltd.
High-Power Amp(broad-area, EMC, communications, broadcasting)
RF selectors

TAISEI Co., Ltd.
Connectors, adapters, Termination, attenuators, Power Divider, probes, patch array antennas, thermoelectric coolers

Totoku Electric Co., Ltd.
Flexible testing cable, high-precision DC-110GHz

Overseas Manufacturers Alphabetical Order

Advanced Switch Technology
Waveguide coaxial switches, microwave communication circuits, upper limit frequency 40GHz
Low-cost, SPST, SPDT, MPMT

Advantech wireless
Satellite communication SSPA, SSPB, BUC, converters, communications, broadcasting

Drop-in isolators, circulators
Coaxial isolators, circulators
Manufactures power systems with frequencies of 1-40GHz, 1GHz or lower
Company featuring high levels of reliability and guaranteed delivery periods

cosmic microwave
Cryogenic LNA, cryogenic temperature low-noise amplifiers, quad ridges, flared horns, BIAS supplies

Cross Technologies
Frequency converters, block converters, protection switches, frequency sources, power splitters, power supplies, step-up converters, step-down converters

Environmental Technology
Dehydrators, snow-melt controllers, control panel centers, anti-freeze controllers

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies
Antennas, power amplifiers (SSPA), block converters, low-noise amplifiers, line-driver amplifiers, antenna controllers, tracking receivers, beacon receivers

Geosynchronous Microwave
Block converters, IF converters, switching systems, power supplies, rust translators, line amplifiers

Jersey Microwave
Frequency converters, SSPA, SSPB, DRO, low-noise amplifiers, phase-shifters

Coaxial connectors, coaxial adapters, flexible cables

Linearizer Technology
Linearizers, tilt equalizers

LOGUS Microwave
Waveguide switches, coaxial switches, switch controllers

Corner vents, rotary joints, mono-pulse comparators, couplers

Flexible waveguides (microwave, milli-wave), couplers, rotary joints, coaxial waveguide converters, pressure windows, magic tees, gain horns, flanges

Peak Communications
Step-up converters, step-down converters, beacon receivers, switching systems, line amplifiers, noise sources

Sage Millimeter
Milli-wave active components, passive components, gain horns, amplifiers, switches, oscillators, isolators, circulators, couplers, detectors, coaxial waveguide converters, antennas, terminations, noise courses, circular shortwave converters, VNA frequency multipliers

Sector Microwave Industries
Waveguide switches, coaxial switches, space-qualified switches for use in outer space
Maximum frequency 110GHz

Teledyne Paradise Datacom LLC
SSPA, modems, low-noise amplifiers, LNA, LNB

RF microwave and milli-wave amplifiers, power amplifiers, temperature compensating amplifiers, limiting amplifiers, frequency multipliers, step-up converters, step-down converters